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Water Treatment

Whether a business discharges water to sewer or watercourse, the common factors are, stricter consent limits and ever increasing cost. The priorities for most are 1: to stay within consent and 2: reduce costs.

By improving the performance of a water treatment plant both can be achieved. The solution is to build a robust biomass that can better tolerate shock loadings, further remove Organic loading and reduce operating costs.

The result is a more consistent treatment plant that is easier to maintain with quantifiable cost savings.

Suitable for use in a wide range of business from Oil refinery’s to Dairy’s, Food & Veg processing and Rendering plants.


Ammonia removal – Oxidation of Ammonia to Nitrate by boosting the Nitrifying performance. Often used in combination with a micronutrient package EU1000 (product info) to correct deficiencies’ and improve the biological environment. EU15 (product info)

Filamentous control – For improved settlement and dewatering to reduce levels of suspended solids and sludge disposal costs. EU30 (product info)

Odour control – Reduction of Hydrogen Sulphide and Mercaptans EU20 (product info) Super Nutrient (product info)

Hydrocarbon removal – Long chain and ring structure molecules effectively and permanently broken down EU80 (product info) EU70 (product info) Super Nutrient (product info)

COD/BOD reduction – Breakdown of organic material: Cooked food, Dairy waste and Paper mills. EU10 (product info) Fruit and Vegetable processing EU100 (product info) Fine chemicals, detergents EU50 (product info)

Fat and Grease removal– Low maintenance solutions to prevent blockages in Drains, Lift Stations, Sumps, Grease traps and collection tanks EU60 (product info) EU600X (product info) Bio Block (product info) EU40 (product info) Rapidzyme (product info)

Algae treatment– For the control of Algae in Lakes, Canals and ponds. EU100A (product info)

Septic tank treatment– Residential and commercial SK3 (product info) 365 (product info)

Marine Black and Grey water treatment– Improve quality of discharge water, reduce sludge volumes EU70 (product info) EU1000 (product info) Super Nutrient (product info)