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About Us

Bio Systems Europe is based in Malvern, UK with a wholly owned 4600 m2 production and research facility that can produce over 50 tonnes of liquid and powdered product per day.

Finished products are available in a wide range of foil and soluble sachets, blocks liquids and powders, almost all are available for next day despatch.

The production process stars with research to identify the most suitable pathogen free strains of bacteria. The takes into consideration the targeted type of contamination, end product stability, shelf life and ease of application.

The bacteria are grown using single strain deep fermentation, stabilised and concentrated by using continuous centrifuges.

Formulations for the finished product often include a blending of strains, this benefits from the synergistic effect on each other and speeds up the breakdown of the intended type of contamination.

For powdered products the liquid fermentation is further concentrated and then freeze dried. This results in products that are safe to handle and have a two-year shelf life.