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Odour Control

Foul odours are usually a combination of air born particulates and gases such as, Hydrogen Sulphide, Ammonia and Mercaptans.

Treatment can be eigher by extraction and filitration for sites such as recycling centres and Industrail installations or through prevention, effective where organice material is present, as in collection sumps, open especially pits or dreains Biological odour filiters have been used for many years strting with Water autorities using heather or wood chip as a filiter media.

Modern technology has benefilted from biological inoculation to keep the filters free flowing and clients within consent limits


Air extraction systems: Ammonia EU1000 (product info) Hydrogen Sulphide and
Mercaptans EU20 (product info)

Volatile organic compounds EU70 (product info)

Nutrient additive: Super Nutrient (product info)

Ph Buffer to control acidic conditions EU15 (product info)

Collection sumps, open pits or drains Hydrogen Sulphide EU20 (product info)
Organic material EU10 (product info) Bio Blocks (product info)

Septic tanks SK3 (product info)

Carpet and fabric cleaner: Bio Clean Ultra (product info)