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Land Remediation

If contaminated sites are allowed enough time nature will eventually break down the organic pollution, this can be a lengthy process partly due to the many competing species of bacteria and the poor biological environment. On site treatment using Bioaugmentation speeds up this process to make it commercially viable.

Bioaugmentation involves the selection of bacteria that target the relevant type of contamination. Once isolated they are grown separately in large numbers that are then introduced to the treatment site. This has the effect of rapidly increasing the types of bacteria that breakdown the identified pollutants. Once the contamination has been reduced the bacteria revert to naturally occurring levels.

To improve the biological environment nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and calcium are added, this encourages bacteria growth and speeds up the remediation process.

Full technical support provided with onsite visits and laboratory analysis where required.


Hydrocarbon treatment: Long chain and complex structures EU80 soluble(product info) EU70 non soluble (product info)

Ground water can be treated in-situ placing Bio Spike (product info) and Bio Block (product info) or pumped through a holding tank filled with filter media EU15 (product info)