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Janitorial Cleaning

When Bio Systems researched the janitorial market one of the main priority’s for customers was performance. Nontoxic and environmentally friendly were also a requirement but not if it compromised effectiveness.

Cost was also issue; in their competitive market the products need to be of good value.

The result is a range of proven products that are regularly reviewed to ensure legislative compliance and the best possible performance.


Toilet bowls and urinals cleaner EU95 (product info)
Floor and hard surfaces B35 (product info)
Urinal blocks UB30 (product info)

Sinks and shower units: B35 (product info)

Drains and gulley’s: to break down organic deposits and reduce odours
EU500S (product info) or EU600XG (product info)

Catering fat and grease: EU60 (product info) or EU500S (product info) or Bio Blocks (product info)

Septic tanks: Reduce solids and foul odours. Prevent blockages in the pipes and soak-aways.
SK3 (product info) or Rapidzyme (product info)

Fuel spills: Breakdown of Petrol and Diesel in soil, concrete and water. EU80 (product info)

Carpet and fabric cleaner: Bio Clean Ultra (product info)